Ameriplan Dental Reviews

AmeriPlan has been seen as a promising for its members who have given reviews and feedbacks in its favor. Here’s what L. Royals, Carrollton, Tx has to say

‘This past Christmas I gave my three adult grandchildren dental checkups. They had no dental plans or insurances and had not been to a dentist in some time. The AmeriPlan program saved me $134 on Sarah’s services and $370 for Tommy, a total savings of $504. Having been on corporate dental plans for years, I had no idea what a benefit AmeriPlan could be to my family. I was surprised and delighted at the savings. L.Royals – Carrollton’.

Carrolton  a member of Ameriplan dental which helped him save quite a few bucks that even without any prior subscription to any dental insurance. It doesn’t stops here; there are a number of members of this whole ameriplanusa dental who had submitted positive reviews which seems to paint all elusive picture of it.

Though everything isn’t positive on its side, there even have been complaints regarding it much related to transaction issues regarding refund and cancellations of plans though the company seems to work hard to resolve these complaints at the earliest possible.

Here are some figures for the ameriplan dental plan which claims to have more than 30,000 Dentists in the United States and can save up to 80% on General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, oral surgery and all specialists. This ameriplan dental with it discount has some added benefits like  you don’t worry about paperwork as there is none to fill out, no waiting period,  no limit on services, use the plan as often as you need , no age limits and all ongoing dental problems are accepted, except orthodontic treatment already in progress.

It’s not just the ameriplan dental but the whole of ameriplan has received positive reviews from its members, here’s what Thomas has to say

‘I was between doctors from when I had insurance to a transfer to Medicare. My doctor would not take Medicare. Called in to ameridoc, told the very helpful lady what I needed. She was pleasant and very professional. The doctor called me back within half an hour. Gave her the facts, my blood pressure readings, what meds I took. She called in a 90 day supply to Walgreens. Picked them up and saved $238.00 from retail. Way to go ameridoc. I used ameriplan to call in the rx. I used ameriplan to get 1 of the meds (was cheaper than Medicare) used Medicare for the other. Total out-of-pocket cost $56.00 a case where ameriplan was used along with my Medicare. The ameridoc is awesome…’

While here’s what Margaret has to say for ameriplan “I went to Lenscrafters today for my eye exam which usually runs $95.00. I handed her my Medicare card and my Ameriplan card and my exam was only $25.00. I saved $70.00 today between the two. I didn’t need new glasses at all.”

Taking these Ameriplan Dental Reviews it all seems to help on savings regarding our medical expenses which at times could be highly expensive and rob us out.